Our History...

Longview Co is owned and operated by Phil Long, a Tucson native and lifelong Arizona resident. Phil drew on more than 20 years in construction in Southern Arizona to form Longview Co as a limited liability company in 2003.

Phil Long
Phil Long
Longview Co LLC

Phil "officially" started in the construction business at the age of 18, although his history in building extends to his childhood working with his grandfather, a licensed contractor and developer, and his father, who was also a builder. Phil grew up immersed in the family business, ingrained with a love and tradition of building.

Phil began his career working for contractors during the heyday of the construction boom in Arizona in the early 1980s. By his early 20s, Phil was a subcontractor for Bade Boys Construction in Phoenix, where he worked for several years, forming his first company Long's Custom Construction.

This and the simple fact Phil missed his home of Southern Arizona drove him to return to Tucson, where he formed Longview Co and has been building ever since.

Our Philosophy...

As a child, Phil's favorite bedtime story was The Three Little Pigs. It didn't make sense to him that the first two pigs built houses out of straw and sticks. Obviously they wouldn't last!

This simple story became the basis for a lot of what Longview Co stands for.

One of the characteristics of the Southwest is its newness. The majority of the homes and buildings were built in the last 50 years, a fact that set a tone of everything being temporary — if everything is so new and ever changing, nothing needs to last.

This was especially evident in the building boom of the 1980s during which Phil worked for other contractors helping to build large, sprawling communities of cookie cutter houses made as quickly and as inexpensively as possible. Working on these types of homes, Phil was frustrated by the lack of foresight being put into the longevity of the structures. Builders were not using materials and processes designed to last; they were not taking a "long view" of the homes they were building.

So when he formed Longview Co, Phil made it his mission to focus on constructing homes and structures that are built to last.

Phil's lifetime in the Desert Southwest has given him an unique understanding of the challenges and benefits of building durable and lasting homes. The desert's climate can vary up to 100° per year, and the traditional framework for most modern homes —sticks and stucco— simply doesn't hold up. Phil became one of the first local builders to embrace RASTRA®, a nearly indestructible building system perfectly suited to the desert climate.

To ensure the woodworking, metalworking, and other structural elements of a structure are sound, we established the Longview Co Shop, allowing us to create many of a building's architectural and ornamental elements to the same exacting specifications. To avoid depending on subcontractors and rentals, we have committed to our clients by purchasing all the core equipment needed for almost any project.

We build with an eye to permanence with the belief that we are building for a lifetime.