Know Your Contractor

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Did You Know?
The Registrar of Contractors can order licensed contractors to correct defective work. There is no similar recourse against unlicensed contractors.

The Arizona Registrar of Contractors advises:

It is a common myth that unlicensed contractors are cheaper than those who are licensed. Since there is little remedy if the unlicensed contractor fails to complete the job or do repairs, the unlicensed contractor could end up costing you substantially more in the long run.

In Arizona all contractors who perform residential and commercial remodeling and construction must be licensed and bonded.

Longview Co is a limited liability company, holding a Class KB-02 License for Dual Small Commercial and Residential construction. We have no complaints filed against us, a history of which we are proud — and intend to continue through service and quality work! We are licensed, bonded, and insured (ROC #193486), and we invite you to review our information on file with the Arizona Registrar of Contractors by Clicking Here.

Longview Co is a member of the Arizona Contractors Association.